Guardians of the Galaxy : oh okay

Either I live in the wrong era, or indeed my taste is not in the normal spectrum, I can only scratched my head when I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Okay it is a beautiful visualization. Seemed to be a trend . I remember the days when ahead into 2000, most movies are about the destruction of the earth. From aliens attack, meteor, until.. I couldn’t remember.. all seem to have mixed up in my head. Now when the animation has been highly developed, it seems like the ideas that exist in the human head turns into variety of movies. Whether it’s packaged in epics like Avatar, overturning a fairy tale like Maleficent or comic adaptation.

Until now I prefer to watch movies with strong plot and based on my memory it were only two times I can enjoy movie with partner. He enjoyed the animation, I enjoyed the story. Not that I do not care about the animation that supposedly made elaborately for years. Even if these movies were made only with simple green-screen visualization style of the 70s I will continue to enjoy as long as the story gives me orgasmic experience. I still remember the taste after watching Benjamin Button, The Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Gravity, Life of Pi. Even when I feel my life is so stifling, I revoke the scene in the movie to cheer me up.

I am not into comic-adaptation-movie. Maybe because I am a loyal devotee of Batman. Even though I have not watched the latest Batman movie. ( yeah.. i-am-devotee-but-stingy). So when I watched the Marvel , I do not expect much. The story line is predictable. People in the theater were laughing out loud except me.. but Thank You Lord Jesus, this movie provide dozen of song I like. Just exactly when I watched Ice Age :p Seriously without these songs I would lost in the middle of marvel worshippers.

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