Razer Recipe to Empower Brand

With game development recently, everyone seems ready to plunge into any kind of business related to games. Razer is the one who succeed with their business. The success of Razer gaming hardware is not only because of excellence in products, but how Razer proactively build a community base. Get people to buy the product is easy, but making people feel part of a product is hard.

Razer start building communities through their social media channels gradually. Starting from the fanpage Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and then Instagram. Hung Wei, Global Community Manager for Razer, explained they do not feel the need to be early adopters in various social media (Periscope and Snapchat for example) for their community might not use those social medias avidly. Razer, as a brand that ultimately become huge from excellent product quality, also put effort in maintaining communication with the community by having both ways communication and reduce hard-selling strategy in their social media channels. It is usually missed by the big brand owners. On behalf of the sales target, they often use social media to communicate with the user in the beginning but turns into the arena of sales at the end.

Razer actually benefited from their communities who continue to double every year. Through these communities, Razer could have huge focus group discussion to gather new ideas in developing their next products. With its tagline, From Gamers by Gamers,Razer still have lots of strategy not only to increase the number of community members, but increasing the engagement among cult users


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