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What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain dysfunction in which individuals having difficulty in sustaining attention span, controlling impulses, and inhibiting their behavior.

Symptoms of poor attention span may include:

1. Disorganization

2. Forgetfulness

3. Being easily distracted

4. Difficulty in sustaining attention in tasks or play activities

Symptoms of hyperactive or impulsive behavior may include:

1. Fidgeting

2. Having trouble playing quietly

3. Interrupting others

4. Always being on the go

How can attention span of children with ADHD be improved?

Timing using visual tool or real timer. For older students, we can use task card. It is a list of things they need to do after that they could have break for three minutes and get another task card.

How can teacher manage impulse control for children with ADHD?

First of all, teacher needs to explain to student in a simple way what is impulsive. Give real example from his or her own impulsive act during class time. Show them why those impulse is not good and encourage them to ‘thought out act’

What are some of the rewards that would be beneficial for students with ADHD?

1. Free Time 🙂

2. Token or poins

3.Positive comments

4.Choice of works

5.Reduce homework

Here are some useful techniques a teacher can adopt to defuse tension in a heated situation when dealing with ADHD children:

  1. calm but assertive
  2. let them speak
  3. time out options
  4. divert attention
  5. offer a choice
  6. use silence

What are the negative experiences children with ADHD face in school?

  1. Lack of understanding by teachers who had no training on ADHD
  2. confusing and lengthy processes to obtain support through action plans
  3. lack of understanding by health care professionals
  4. a feeling of being in the dark and having to cope without support

What are some of the main effects that have significant impact on the lives of individuals with ADHD and their families?

  1. Lack of social skills and inability to read social clues
  2. problems with transition
  3. poor organization skills
  4. poor frustation tolerance
  5. thrill seeking behavior
  6. lying, stealing, swearing and blaming others

Why is communication between parents and school important for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD ?

to ensure parents will work alongside the school in managing the child with ADHD and to prevent any possible manipulation of the situation by a specific child

When should medication be used for children diagnosed with ADHD?

  1. only after comprehensive evaluation
  2. when a child is a significant risk of harming him/herself or others
  3. When serious attempts at non medical interventions have proved insufficient
  4. When the child is at risk of emotional &/ academic failure

What do parents need to know about the medication in the treatment of ADHD?

  1. stimulants do not turn children into zombies
  2. stimulants are non-addictive & don’t produce high
  3. fine-tuning dosage, both in quality and timing

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